Promoting Your Business

Interested in growing your business? Looking to attract new clients?  Wanting to build your expert status in your field?

For years, authors have been regarded with respect and admiration; there is simply a level of prestige that comes with having published one’s own book. So, it’s no wonder businesses are looking at publishing a book to build their own expert status. The reason is because becoming a published author comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased visibility among current and potential clients and
  • Enhanced credibility and expert status with current and potential clients, both of which translate into
  • Increased sales with new and repeat buyers.

Also, printed books can be creative marketing tools in and of themselves by serving as:

  • Business cards for qualified customers – imagine the impression leaving a printed book will have on qualified customers. Nothing says “you can trust me” more than a book of expertise and wise counsel.
  • Customer loyalty gifts repeat customers – imagine the loyalty you’ll build among customers with a token of appreciation for their business. Nothing says “thank you for your business, please come back again” more than a complimentary printed book.
  • Differentiators to your competitors – imagine how a free printed book will set you apart from your competitors. Nothing says “we’re more qualified than the competition” better than a printed book featuring your expert advice.

And, books can serve a variety of industries and markets.  Imagine the following scenarios:

  • A local car dealership publishes a book with tips and suggestions for keeping a new car in good working condition, including engine warning signs and regular maintenance activities. This book is used in the dealership’s customer loyalty program, and given to the owners of new cars as a token of appreciation for their business.
  • A local pet store publishes a book with tips and suggestions for keeping one’s pet healthy, including tips on nutrition and exercise.  This book is used to increase sales by including a free copy of the book in every $100 purchase of pet supplies.
  • A local accounting office publishes a book with tips and suggestions for preparing one’s taxes, including information on how to save receipts, categorize expenses, and be educated on the allowable expenses the common public isn’t aware of. This book is used to attract new clients by giving away a free copy to every individual that becomes a new client at that office.
  • A local beauty salon publishes a book with tips and suggestions on beauty etiquette, including tips and suggestions for nail, face, and hair care. This book is used to increase sales by including a free copy in every group booking; perfect for the bride-to-be.

These are just a few ways a book can be used to elevate your company’s expert status and attract new clients.  Here’s how we at American Mutt Press can help you make this a reality:

Project Consultation (1 hour by phone):

  • Discussion of the book vision for your business and participation among your staff; as the experts in your field, we’ll look to them to help write the content. In return, they’ll receive a publishing credit as an expert in their field, elevating them among industry peers and colleagues.
  • Discussion on how your book’s content can be used in your other scheduled and ongoing activities, including your website, blog posts, brochures, etc. As the author of your book, you own the rights to the content and can use that content again anywhere you’d like, including in your standard marketing vehicles.

Project Introduction for Your Participating Staff Members (1 hour in person):

  • Introduction of the book project and how your staff can participate.
  • Basic writing instructions and submission guidelines.

Publication of Your Book:

  • Proofreading and editing of each chapter provided by your staff.
  • Book formatting and cover design, with your input.
  • 2 proof copies for your review and before publication.
  • Standard reseller discount on quantity orders (minimum purchase 200 copies).

There is no upfront fee to publishing your book.  Your investment will be 100% in the purchase of books for your marketing activities.  Minimum book orders start at 200 copies.

For more information, please contact Kristen Clark at American Mutt Press.