Where Will You Reach Potential Book Buyers?

Once you’ve written and published your book, where will you make your book available to potential readers?  Answer the questions below to help you define more clearly where to reach your readers.  This information will help you prepare a well-defined marketing plan.

  • What magazines and/or journals do your readers subscribe to?
  • What associations or clubs do your readers belong to?
  • What social media forums do your readers participate in?
  • Where do your readers purchase books similar to yours?
  • Where do your readers purchase items that align well to your topic?
  • What hobbies do your readers invest their time and energy in?

Exercise: Take your answers from the exercise in Who Does Your Story or Content Matter to Most to help answer the questions above.  This will give you greater clarity on the marketing activities and vehicles that will best reach those individuals most likely to buy your book.