Why Does Your Story or Content Matter?

It helps to have a clear idea of why you are writing your book and why your story or content matters to others.  Answer the following questions to focus on why writing and publishing your book is important – not just to you, but to your readers – and keep your responses in mind throughout the writing process.  Your responses will also be useful in any book proposals you write for submission.

  • What benefit will readers get from reading your story or content?
  • How have others responded to your story or content already (or in the past)?
  • What message do you want others to take away and remember most from your story or content?
  • How will your reader’s lives improve from your message and key take-away?

Post stick notes all over your workspace with your answers as a reminder about why your content matters.

Exercise: Write the ideal book review of your book, as if you were the reader.  What would you want it to say?  What about the book or you as the author would you want called out?  This will help you flush out an explanation for why your book matters.